Civil cases

Leave civil cases to your advocate

Civil cases concern each of us. Everyone has contact with them at least once in his or her life since the law in this field regulates our relationships in many spheres of life, including in the family and financial area. It may seem that parties to a dispute should defend their private interests on their own, without the participation of third parties. Nothing could be more wrong! Where emotions appear, frequently between family members, a professional should step in – an advocate who will objectively assess the situation and provide you with advice on the best solution.

Do you know that civil cases may be settled amicably as well? Hearings often entail many negative feelings, arguments and stress. You can avoid this! It is the job of an experienced advocate to quickly assess your possibilities.

What can a law firm help you with?

Civil cases are a very broad branch of the law. They include civil, guardianship, family, labour and social insurance law and all matters regulating family, civil and civil-law relationships. My law firm in Olsztyn is excellently prepared to handle all of these cases. Come to me if you need help with:

  • acquisition or rejection of an inheritance,
  • division of property,
  • obtaining damages (e.g. from an insurer),
  • obtaining compensation for a breach of personal rights or harm (e.g. bodily injury, death of an immediate family member, medical error),
  • obtaining damages and compensation from an employer for mobbing,
  • divorce and petition for child support,
  • disputes concerning failure to discharge obligations arising out of civil-law contracts,
  • matters concerning foreigners (legalisation of stay).

Do you have questions about how to classify your matter? The civil law also concerns atypical cases. Come to my law firm in Olsztyn to receive professional legal assistance.

Legal assistance at every stage

I render legal services at every stage of proceedings. Civil cases may be settled through discussion or drawing up relevant letters, they do not always require the participation of courts. Accordingly, my assistance begins at the consultation stage before filling in an application or a petition. On the basis of information acquired from a client and own experience, I assess whether a court case will be beneficial. When possible, I conduct negotiations on behalf of a client leading to pre-trial conclusion of a dispute.

At later stages of proceedings I will help you with:

  • writing applications, pleadings and civil-law contracts,
  • giving an opinion on documents and civil-law contracts,
  • drawing up appeals or complaints against court decisions that have not become final and binding,
  • as an attorney-at-law in civil cases before third parties and common courts (all instances),
  • as an attorney-at-law in enforcement proceedings.

What does my law firm in Olsztyn guarantee?

I perfectly understand the stress related not only to civil cases, but also to appearing in court or in meetings with the other party to proceedings. For this reason, a client’s mental comfort is always my priority. At every stage of cooperation I will advise you of all steps taken and the possibilities of resolving a case. I care for your full trust, hence, I devote time to discussion and explanations. I believe that such cooperation may bring many benefits to a client. I guarantee full devotion to your case.

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