Criminal cases

What does criminal law concern?

Criminal law is one of the most developed branches of the law. It is composed of a set of laws setting out imperatives and prohibitions, acts regarded as crimes, penalties for violating laws and methods of enforcing penalties. Sources from which we derive knowledge of criminal cases include: the Criminal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Criminal Executive Code and the Criminal Fiscal Code.

Hence, criminal cases are all cases in which a person is suspected or accused of committing an offence. The most frequent cases include:

  • cases concerning accusations of extortion,
  • cases concerning fiscal offences,
  • slander cases,
  • cases concerning offences against health and assault,
  • cases concerning accusations of thefts, frauds, forgeries,
  • cases concerning offences related to drugs,
  • cases concerning driving mechanical vehicles while intoxicated,
  • stalking and cybercrime cases,
  • cases concerning accusations of violation of bodily integrity.

Advocate in criminal cases

Few of us have direct contact with the criminal law in our life. We generally hear about proceedings of this type on television or read in newspapers. Consequently, an advocate provides indispensable help at each stage of the proceedings. An advocate is a person who not only has expert knowledge of the laws, but also experience in handling similar cases and follows the case law of the courts on an on-going basis.

It is worth knowing that you have many rights when criminal proceedings are pending against you. Exercise them! The first thing you should do is contact a lawyer. It is important to ask for this contact as soon as possible so an advocate has an opportunity to talk with a suspect before interrogation by enforcement authorities.

Are you an immediate family member of a suspect? You can help the suspect by appointing a defence counsel. Remember, the sooner an advocate begins his or her work, the better. The criminal law provides for legal assistance for victims as well.

How and whom can I help?

Come to my law firm:

  • if you need legal advice in the area of criminal law and criminal fiscal law,
  • criminal or criminal fiscal proceedings are pending against you,
  • you are an immediate family member of a suspect and want to provide the suspect with professional legal assistance,
  • you are a victim and are looking for help to safeguard your interests.

My law firm offers assistance at every stage. We advise clients before pre-trial proceedings and we then assist throughout the course of the proceedings. We represent and defend our clients in all pre-trial and court proceedings.

The Olsztyn Legal Office is also at the disposal of persons against whom criminal fiscal proceedings are pending. In cases involving fiscal offences, we represent and defend suspects (also during investigations), give advice when it is worth benefitting from active repentance or voluntarily submission to a penalty, we also draw up complaints, appeals and cassations.

Your advocate in Olsztyn

Criminal law entails complex provisions at practically every stage: from pre-trial proceedings, through detention, to matters related with expungement. It is important that at any time you are able to benefit from an experienced defence counsel who is able to listen and base cooperation on trust.

Use the services of my law firm in Olsztyn. I combine knowledge with experience. Even in my student years, criminal law and criminal studies were among my interests. I know how stressful pre-trial proceedings alone can be. I understand the doubts arising out of difficulties with interpretation of laws, thus, I always take an individual approach to every case. I devote a lot of time to meetings and conversations with clients, as I want to be certain that every element of my work will be understandable to them.

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