Legal services for companies

Legal services for companies is a service for every enterprise

Undoubtedly, legal service of companies is a service about which entrepreneurs should always consider when it is necessary to protect or defend their interests. Such protection covers the largest business entities, companies, foundations and associations as well as small enterprises and sole proprietorships operating locally, e.g. in Olsztyn or via the Internet.

My law firm offers legal service for companies with respect to cases subject to the provisions of commercial law, company law, the Civil Code, the Labour Code and recovery of receivables. I also know that in many cases, protection of a company’s reputation and intellectual property is important. I provide legal advice in each of these issues, primarily taking into account the interests of the company and its owners.

Legal services for companies in Olsztyn

I am aware of the uncertainty and doubts that may be caused by complex provisions of the law and about how many formalities you need to remember to reliably run a company. Therefore, I offer my assistance at every stage of conducting activity, even before a company is established.

Please contact the Olsztyn Legal Office ‒ as part of legal services for companies, I ensure:

  • regular service of business entities as part of legal service agreement (lump-sum or hourly remuneration),
  • having periodical duties in the entrepreneur’s registered office as part of a legal service agreement,
  • consulting in employee matters, in the field of labour law,
  • recovery of receivables from debtors,
  • working out and giving an opinion on agreements,
  • registration of companies, foundations, associations and making changes in the National Court Register,
  • preparation of resolutions of companies (ordinary and extraordinary meeting of shareholders),
  • handling criminal commercial and criminal fiscal law matters,

A reliable approach to cases

Reliability is the most important quality of a well-run company. My law firm also guarantees a reliable approach to our cases. Due to commitment and keeping our finger on the pulse, your enterprise’s interests will be always protected. For several years, I managed a limited liability company and I have four years of experience in management of projects financed from funds of the European Union. Accordingly, I am perfectly aware of how companies function from the inside, so I am able to combine my knowledge with a practical approach.

Apart from regularly working on the legal affairs of companies in Olsztyn, I also offer assistance in delicate situations, such as family company succession and, in crises, protecting a company against the occurrence of future crises. A company can count on my reliability, diligence and commitment.

Cooperation based on clear principles and trust

I know that specific information and clear rules are of importance in business. It is not without a reason people say so often that time is money. I understand this ‒ I run a business myself. Consequently, a company may count on my:

  • Full trust ‒ my law firm cares for its image and good contact with clients.
  • Rich experience ‒ the law is not only my profession, but also my passion, I strive to follow all the information that is crucial for clients and I have handled many cases for companies.
  • Individual approach to clients ‒ I talk, explain and provide all details and information on an on-going basis. I want each of my clients to get the best, most profitable and, at the same time, lawful, resolution of his or her case.
  • Clear principles of payment and cooperation ‒ I transparently value a service and list what it includes.


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